Donating plasma was a pleasant experience

Plasma taken from recovered patients contains antibodies that recognise the virus and can reduce its growth. Dr Weinstein, our principal dentist, who had the virus back in March is now often donating plasma to help other people fight the virus.

Meet The Team

Dr Morris Weinstein

General Dentist

GDC registration – 56955

Dr Giuseppe Di Filippo

General Dentist, Endodontics

GDC registration – 70284

Dr Maria Retzepi

Specialist in Periodontics

GDC registration – 82573

Dr Elizabeth Bassett

General Dentist, Prosthodontics

GDC registration – 82347

Dr Iro Gerasimou

General Dentist

GDC registration – 104326

Roxana Voicila

Practice Manageress

GDC registration – 281273

Paula Tanase

 Dental Receptionist

Kasia Mijal

Dental Assistant

GDC registration – 287157

Alice Widen

Oral Hygienist

GDC registration – 5564

Malgorzata Witek

Dental Surgery Assistant

GDC registration – 193128