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What is a Bonding?

dental-bondingComposite tooth bonding is a cosmetic dentistry technique that can work wonders for your smile. Using materials that match the shade, translucency and texture of your teeth, tooth gaps can be closed, spots, chips, and discolorations can be eliminated, and your self-confidence can be enhanced through the improved appearance of your smile. It’s also great for an instant repair of a broken front tooth.

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How is cosmetic teeth bonding done?

Bonding is usually a one-visit procedure. The tooth is prepared by lightly roughening the area to be repaired, which usually doesn’t require anaesthetic. Then the surface of the tooth is etched with a gel, and a treatment of bonding primers and resins is applied to the tooth. Then the composite is applied. Dental composites are materials made of acrylic resins impregnated with inorganic fillers, and containing photo initiators, plus fillers such as quartz, glass, or silicon dioxide.

They are made to a paste-like consistency so that they can be sculpted to the proper shape. They contain various pigments which are matched to your tooth colour, and they come in varying degrees of translucency, with careful attention paid to their polishability. This composite is applied to your tooth, sometimes in several layers in order to duplicate the depth of colour that occurs in a natural tooth. A high-intensity curing light is then used to harden it. With careful artistry, this composite can be manipulated to mimic the colour details and translucency of your tooth, and polished to a beautiful shine.

Courtesy of the British Dental Health Foundation – www.dentalhealth.org